• Korenwijn zeer Oude Wenneker 40% 1L

    Korenwijn zeer Oude Wenneker 40% 1L

    Korenwijn is bottled in authentic stone jars specifically designed for Wenneker baking. This superb product deserves the right to seal Wenneker! assessment of the genevercollege "Never Sat" A moderately viscous yellow or light brown almost quite sweet corn wine was found. Besides sugar to taste this sweet malt and caramel.

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    There was a lot more liquorice and juniper taste, chicory, citrus (orange lot), cloves, mace and anise. Besides, the taste of malt evident. The taste of this drink did not just think of whiskey, brandy, sherry and vodka, but also to ammonium chloride, resin or wood and Grand Marnier. This drink, which the mouth is not too heavy, light flows.

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