Bolivian Coca leaf Green Energy Ypadu 25 gram

Green Energy is 100 % natural and organic. A nutritonal supplement and functional food made from main ingredient of organic coca leafs hand cultivated by indigenous people, blended with a special native lime of alkaline based plants mixture of chamario, canawa qunoa straw, chik'a leaves, anis, koa banana flower, yarumo and caracore from Bolivia.

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It is extremly rich nutritionally and contains different minerals nutrients, minerlals, esential oils, and vitamins along with amino acids, antioxidants alkaloids and sterols. Sacred coca leafes florishes in special conditions where few other plants can survive, at altitudes and moist valleys between 1500 and 4000 meters above sea level. This endurance may help explain its potent healing and energizing properties.


Serving suggestions

Ypadu is not to chew it but to suck it. Start taking one or two little spoons of Ypadu to the mouth (1-2 grams), without swallowing it. The Green Energy powder is placed between the gum and cheek and moistened with saliva and gently sucked. The powder should be introduces at the left or right side of your mouth. Leave the green powder bolus softly, trying not to chew or crush it, only enough to wet it and then let it dissolve slowly. The Ypadu bolus thus formed, is left to repose in the gram and mouth side sufficiently dampened

(15-30minutes) and then enjoy it swallowing the invigorating juices for 1 or 2 hours.


The elimination of fatigue, good feeling of joy and antidepressant effect will be notice, with the appearance of more alertness, there can be an increase activity or the desire to do something. Sensorial functions and higher intellectual activities are faster, there is slight feeling of consciousness expansion (which could explain its traditional use during religious rituals).

The effect is stimulating, the individual feels happy, optimistic, and willing to undertake action. Corporal needs, such as hanger, sleepiness, and restful are postponed by the energetic impulse Capacity and yield during work improve evidently.

To maintain the benefit effect of Ypadu increase the intake slowly. It doesn't develop addiction; consumption can easily abandoned indefensibly without any undesirable effects. You can use it 2 or 3 times day Can be also mixed blended fresh Juices or Smoothies, as well as with ice to make up Ypadu Ice Tea.

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