• Citadelle Gin London Dry Gin 44% 70cl

    Citadelle Gin London Dry Gin 44% 70cl

    Carpeau and Stival, to open a distillery making genièvre at the Citadelle in Dunkirk, which became the royal distillery with an exclusive 20-year privilege. 

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    The two founders had 12 traditional copper pot stills made for the distillery, officially the first of its type in France.  The oldest Frenche genièvre distillery, Citadelle was situated on a very prosperous eighteenth-century maritime trade route.  At the time, almost all the production was intended for England and was imported by English smugglers with the support of the French crown.  Documents from the period give a very precise amount of the nature and importance of the distillery, which produced about 1,000 liters per day.  The genièvre was shipped in smalle casks that held about 50 liters.

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